Pruning Roses in the Winter

The following video covers how to winter prune roses in the San Francisco Bay Area for the most flowers, the best form and optimum health.

As soon as you can get to it after New Years begin your pruning. In the Bay Area roses do not always go dormant on their own. By pruning and stripping the rose bush of all old leaves you will induce a short dormancy which gives the plant a rest and will promote strong new growth in the spring.

Here is a close up of the buds- you can see the direction they point is the direction the new canes will grow in the coming season:

Here is the rose I was working on in full flex:

It is called Jacqueline du Pré and is named for a legendary British cellist. Heirloom Roses sells this beautiful and easy to grow rose.

After you finish prune and clean up last year’s leaves- it is time to feed to make sure you maximize the bloom.  We have developed a great Organic Rose Food recipe. Email me and I’ll let you in on the secret.

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