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VEE HORTICULTURE is more than just a garden design company – here we listen to you, your wishes and desires and we integrate these with a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in each project. Every garden is unique.

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The winning combination in the pursuit of unique and innovative landscape design.

Vanessa Kuemmerle

Vanessa Kuemmerle


I love plants. What I do has grown out of my love of plants and a desire to create spaces and environments that make people to feel more alive and happy. Making a connection in our hearts to all living things and to aesthetic beauty happens easily in the garden.

Growing up on the East Coast I always knew that I was an artist. I moved to California to attend California College of the Arts in Oakland and received a degree in Fine Arts and Design. While there I took a summer job as an apprentice to Michael Barclay, a brilliant and eccentric landscape designer and opera lecturer. We worked together for five years and in the process my horticultural knowledge and design perspectives were transformed by that association. I have also studied in the Horticulture Program at Merritt College and also in the UC Berkeley Landscape Architecture Program. I began gardening professionally in 1992 and started Vee Horticulture.

Nani Fitzpatrick

Nani Fitzpatrick


My work as a garden designer and horticulturalist has been a combination of both my desire to create beautiful spaces and my love for all things botanical. I have always been happiest when I am outside soaking in the rich vibrance of natural spaces. At Vee Horticulture, we are taking this vibrancy that nature provides, connecting it and integrating it with our client’s home. This connection combines the best of both worlds where one’s personal space can flow from inside to outside seamlessly while keeping one surrounded with beauty and style.

My training and interest in plants and gardens began in 1995 when I had just left a performing arts career and was looking for a new passion and vocation. I began with what was a small, plant collecting habit. This quickly evolved into a botanical obsession where all my interests and focus revolved around plants, ecology, and horticulture. I started out professionally with a landscaping apprenticeship while studying horticulture and landscaping at Merritt College. I then moved on to acquire a B.S. in Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry from U.C Davis.