Our Services

We exceed expectations. We make dreams and unique gardens happen.


The design process starts when you contact us and we begin the discussion about your project. We will then make an appointment to meet on site. This first on-site 1½-2 hr consultation is the time to look at your space, ask lots of questions, listen to your ideas and desires and we talk about the possibilities together. We will also want a tour of the inside of your home or business to get a feel for the architecture, the outdoors, prominent sight lines and your personal aesthetic.


We work to ensure that the installation of your landscape is a streamlined and efficient process that creates as little disturbance as possible for you. We build gardens with a high degree of refinement and craftsmanship in the materials and plant selection we incorporate. Your landscape will be beautiful and built to last.


We offer periodic fine tuning of landscapes we design and install from two to four times a year. Your garden has just begun it’s life once the installation is complete. Regular, knowledgeable maintenance is crucial to growing your investment (pun!). We provide proper pruning, feeding and planting to make sure the vision for your landscape stays in focus. We will also help train your weekly/monthly maintenance crew to keep your garden healthy and beautiful. You can have the confidence to know that we understand what needs to be done and are taking care of the ongoing details so you can enjoy the garden.